The Golden Horns

Listen to The Golden Horns, as they bust through the borders of the high school band, break down the walls of the Hamtramck High School, and amp up their music across the Hamtramck border into Detroit

Saturday, May 16 from 5-5:30 PM at Play House (12657 Moran Street)

The Golden Horns: During the fall of their freshman year, three Hamtramck High School band students formed a trio now known as The Golden Horns.  Scott Hallett plays trumpet, Logan Hughes is on saxophone, and Latifur Khan plays tuba.  Scott, Logan and Latifur had played in band since the sixth grade, but wanted to start their own music group.  They found music they wanted to play, and started rehearsing mornings before school and nights after school.  Now, The Golden Horns is a jazz band that plays popular covers, and some original songs. In March they played during the closing reception of Jessica Frelinghysen’s art show “Let Me Tell You”, at the Hatch gallery in Hamtramck, Michigan.

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