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Join us at KEINHAUS for FIELD – DANCE/ SEND – RETURN a participatory sonic spectacular. Deep and rare grooves. Secret DJs. Eternal 808s. Transmit your frequencies, bang out a rhythm, sing a song, rap, find your groove. hit some keys or join us to dance on the bright geometric dance floor!

Saturday, May 16 from 5-9PM and Sunday, May 17 from 1-7PM at KEINHAUS – 12159 Lumpkin and across Carpenter St.

Tess Tennessee Miller is an an artist and musician based in Detroit, MI. She has a degree in Audio Visual Art from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of fine art in Amsterdam, NL where she lived for 6 years during, where she helped run Ijsbaanpad12 , a social space in a “kraakpand” and cultural centre which hosted exhibitions, concerts, and small participatory festivals. In Detroit she started Keinhaus, which concerts and exhibitions based around experimental electronic music and new media art. She produces electronic music which is driven by heavy Bass, Sine waves, and multi spectrum shimmering layers, combined with visceral vocals which are a combination of everything from dada to hip hop. Her work often explores the idea and positioning of the “other” and of the “real” and explores spaces and strategies of becoming.


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