Are We There Yet? – Amy Kelly, Jay Jurma, Bob St. Thomas, and Susan Giradeau

“Are we there yet” is an invitation to explore the perimeter of the Hamtramck/Detroit border. Yarn signs printed with HERE on one side and THERE on the other side will identify the border in both directions. Site line devices will be installed in areas where the border is inaccessible to pedestrians. Critical to this piece is that borders are both here and there at the same time – depending on your perspective.

Installed May 16 and May 17 throughout the Hamtramck/Detroit border; Maps available at festival Information Hubs

The here/there team has a complementary skill set that includes: performing arts, installation, photography, writing, sculpture and politics. We have all taught at various schools and colleges and often collaborate on various projects.


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    Installation, Saturday, Sunday
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