Porous Karaoke: Jams on the Border – A Host of People

Stop by the very porous border for the ultimate in musical border blending: Karaoke!  Choose your favorite jam, then piece together your ideal video backdrop that will be live mixed for your personal concert. Featuring special guests Skyping in from other countries.

Saturday, May 16 from 6-10PM at the PLAV (11824 Jos Campau)

A Host of People is the collaboration between Sherrine Azab and Jake Hooker and, thankfully, a host of people.  Sherrine and Jake come to Detroit by way of Milwaukee (Sherrine), Denver (Jake), Seattle (both schooled at Cornish College of the Arts), Brooklyn, and Berlin.  A Host of People locates our work around the idea that “alternative” and “experimental” art-making is not the elitist practice it is so often made out to be, but an inherently populist one.  We strive to offer work that gives the viewer agency in their interpretation, as we work to entertain.  We invite our audience into our art as we would guests into our home, whether it is in our house, on the street, in a gallery or in a theater.

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