Kid-Friendly Saturday at Porous Borders Festival

May 10, 2015 Activities

Looking to fill a Saturday with kid- and adult-friendly fun? Porous Borders Festival’s Saturday program on May 16 is your jam!

A: 10:30AM – Meet at the Colonel Hamtramck Homes just west of I-75 to pick out insect costumes for the participatory Pollinator Parade down Carpenter Street

After the parade –

C: 12PM –wander down Conant and see the world shrink with a peek through the Wonder Wall.

By now, I bet you’re hungry, so

E: 12:25 – mark off another item on your Food Scavenger Hunt map at Aladdin with a chicken wrap lunch

Kid Friendly Saturday close-up

Meander down the street toward Hamtramck Academy and

G: 1PM – watch a lo-fi animation-for-one at Andy Malone’s mutoscope installation “Here There Be Dragons”

Now your inner artist has been awakened, so you better

I: 1:45PM – catch a pedicab to the Porous Borders Poster Project to keep on creating – check out your neighbors’ great ideas for forgotten spaces along the border, and don’t forget to take home your own poster reimagining the neighborhood. While you’re there, cross the street to cheer for the end of the neighborhood pick-up soccer match!

It’s time to

K: 3:45PM – relax in a hammock while you share your dreams with Upended Teacups at the Turn. Sway. Jump. Pray. installation. Grab a snack from the Greater Missionary Baptist Church concession stand


M: 4:30PM – head west on Carpenter to the CMAP House for back-to-back puppet shows: Open Eye Figure Theatre’s Two Wheel Tour outside and The Outer Limits, a retelling of the Baba Yaga, inside!


Drop those wiped-out kids at home with a babysitter, and

O: 8PM – head out to enjoy a little adult time at Red Door for Halima Cassels’ Get to Know Me. Make some new friends, share your experiences living in the city, and snap some pics to remember it all! #PorousBordersFest

Porous Borders Festival is May 16 and 17!