How to use our Recho #borderstory audio tour

May 8, 2015 Activities

One of the elements we’re most excited about in the Porous Borders Festival is our Recho audio tour of Carpenter. Recho is a free app that geo-located audio recordings, allowing anyone to stumble upon sounds recorded in that space and listen to that place’s growing soundscape. We’ve created an audio path for festival-goers (and post-festival visitors to Carpenter) with the hashtag #borderstory. You can add your own to the mix or just listen! We’ll have headphones available at festival Information Hubs on May 16 & 17 on a first come, first serve basis.

Here’s how to listen!

1. Download the Recho app for free from iTunes. The app, when open, looks like this:

Recho as Compass

The different circles represent individual sound recordings. Tapping on a circle will bring up information about that recording, such as how far away it is from where you are, who recorded it, the name or hashtag associated with the recording, and what category of recording it fits into.

2. YOU CAN ONLY LISTEN TO RECHOS THAT ARE WITHIN 30 FEET FROM WHERE YOU STAND. At that point, the recordings must fall inside the radius of your white circle, like this:


The track will automatically play. You can listen to multiple tracks at the same time, or toggle between tracks. When you exit the radius of the geolocated sound, it fades out.

3. Record your own story! Tap the white circle in the middle of your Recho compass at any time. Remember, the sound will be tagged to the location where you record it, so make sure it’s where you want to leave your mark. You only get 30 seconds of recording time, so be concise. Tag the piece with #borderstory and publish it as a public recording so others can find it. You can also share your recording on Facebook or Twitter.


4. Check back in after the festival to hear all the stories recorded over the weekend!

Check out a draft of a border story tagged at 2650 Carpenter below: