Play the Food Scavenger Hunt today!

May 10, 2015 About, Activities

Get a head start on the Porous Borders Food Scavenger Hunt! (Part I of II)

Try all eleven items on the hunt, get a signature from the cashier at each spot to signify your purchase (or bring in some other proof of purchase) and show the completed list to PBF staff at a festival Information Hub by 5pm on May 17 to get a free tote bag!

Here’s the low-down on each of the items:

Breakfast –

  1. Burek and a Donut from Family Donut (Caniff at Conant)

Why we chose it: Now, everyone has a favorite burek in Hamtramck – the flaky pastry with cheese, beef, or spinach filling that crosses borders throughout the former Ottoman Empire (some say it stretches back to Roman times). But where else can you snag a rich burek in either Serbian pie style or rounded Bosnian burek AND a delicious American donut? Straddle the border with one delicacy in each hand. We recommend adding a homemade yogurt on to your order. **CLOSED SUNDAYS!

  1. “Danish from Canada” from Bozek’s (3317 Caniff)


Why we chose it: Bozek’s is a serious Polish grocery with an incredible walk-in meat freezer (ask Bill for the hookup). But in the northwest corner of the store are the lovely Polish pastries, many with delicious poppy seeds and, oddly, two pastries advertised as being of the Danish variety from our maple-loving neighbors across the river. Why the authentic Polish grocery from Hamtramck is selling Canadian pastries of the Scandinavian variety is for you to find out, but you must try one to win!

Lunch –

  1. Amar hotdog from Amar Pizza (11608 Conant)

Why we chose it: This incredible neighborhood joint represents everything that is awesome about Hamtramck and, truly, anything you order from Amar Pizza is delicious. This scavenger hunt item encourages players to go beyond the surface – don’t get stuck on the “Pizza” in the name. The Ahmed Brothers aren’t afraid to be bold in the cuisine the fuse together, so don’t you be afraid to try some of their new editions: namely, the delicious (and affordable!) Amar hotdog, uniting a kosher hotdog with Bengali sauces (feel free to try any of the other hotdogs, too!)

  1. Chicken wrap from Aladdin (11945 Conant)

Why we chose it: After months of noticing several lunchtime diners at Aladdin eating massive burrito-like wraps hidden demurely behind tinfoil, we knew we had to get in on the action, and this has become one of our eastern border delicacies: a savory chicken tandoori sandwich exploding from a tender bed of romaine and wrapped in a buttery naan. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. The Aladdin chicken wrap reveals to you just how far a wrap can go – with amazing Bengali-cuisine contents. (Beware of bones – sometimes there’s a stray one or two! And remember, this thing is messy.)

  1. Cevapi with Ranch dressing from Pizza Marvelous (Conant at Carpenter)

Why we chose it: Pizza Marvelous is a community gem. Located at the Walter’s Shopping Plaza, PM is sees a veritable United Nations of customers coming and going, and feeds them nice comfort food at great prices. Marvin hails from Bosnia and is sure to offer beef cevapi on his menu – it’s not the hottest ticket among the offerings, which include BBQ rib tips, seafood platters, lambchops, and, of course, pizza – but they’re made with heart and come with a packet of Ranch dressing. Bosnian food meets American ingredients with great results. Get them with tomatoes for an ounce of vitamins.


  1. $1 menu at Baraka Bakery (4000 Miller St)

Why we chose it: The dollar menu at Baraka Bakery on Hamtramck’s Southeast border is one of the most delicious and comforting things I’ve ever eaten. Imagine Hotpockets made delicious with spiced chicken or savory vegetables. Incredible cheese pies, zatar-spieced pies, spinach pies, and warm and welcoming pizza slices. Baraka Bakery sells fresh-baked goods made with love – and gives you kindness and warmth for free. It’s after-school-snacks I remembered from youth elevated!

Check back tomorrow for photos and Part II of the Food Scavenger Hunt!